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  • What services do you provide?
    We draft and provide legal advice on the various contracts in the entertainment industry that includes the music, television, film, and fashion industry.
  • How do I obtain your services?
    Once we have a consultation about your current situation, we will then provide you an engagement letter that starts the lawyer/client relationship. From there I will be a part of your team to help structure a strong foundation while protecting your intellectual property.
  • How much will your services cost me?
    In entertainment and contract law, there are different fee arrangements provided for clients in order to afford lawyering services. Most of our services are offered at a fixed rate percentage, while depending on the matter may be at an hourly rate. The best thing to do is have an initial consultation with us so we can figure out how to help.
  • What should i have already completed by the time I reach out to you?
    It’s always great to have your LLC created that houses your music or intellectual property as well as already signed up with a specific Performance Rights Organization (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC). These items allow you and I to hit the ground running with you being offered an agreement.
  • Will I need to sign anything in our first meeting?
    No, not at all. Our first meeting is for us to build a rapport and for me to understand where you are currently and where you are trying to go on your respective journey. A relationship with an attorney is an important one as that is the person who will provide crucial information that is pivotal in helping you connect the dots on the road to your success.
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